Common Questions:


Private Appointment

Showings are by appointment only. Please reach out to our team by Facebook, Instagram, or email (Top Right Icons) to arrange a time to check out our incredible system.


We use premium shipping materials to ensure our animals arrive alive. We use FedEx Priority Overnight for out deliveries and we highly recommend you pick up at the facility. It ensures the ultimate comfort for your inhabitants and the earliest possible pick up.


Should you have a dead coral on arrival, please let our team know as soon as possible. Sometimes mistakes happen and we will do what we can do make things right. Shipping is not refundable. Please send pictures of the dead coral in sealed bag within two hours. Replacement corals or a refund will be issued at the discretion of Next Wave.


Proper acclimation is essential for your new friends. When possible, float your new pieces in a dark area (sumps are perfect) for 15 minutes. Then you can begin adding tank water to the new corals. Every 5 minutes, go ahead and add 1/4 cup of tank water at a time. When your container is full, discard the water and place the corals in an area of lower light.


We run LEDs on all of our systems. I love my Radion G5s, but the best value is hands down Ocean Revive LEDs.While they lacks customization, they successfully grow show size colonies

Coral Feeding

Remember corals are animal. Animals need to eat. While we personally don’t feed often, the benefits are outstanding. LPS will put on a wonderful show, while SPS will super extended their polyps. If you can commit the time and the have enough filtering capacity, its recommend to feed your corals.